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Sky Tunnel “Light tube” solution

Light Tube which is also known as light pipe is the ideal replacement for those seeking natural lighting as an alternative to lighting solution for your residential and office spaces. The main advantage it has over regular lighting solution is that it is cost-effective for the long run and it emits zero carbon footprint. A light tube can be used to distribute natural light as well as artificial light.

As the name suggests, it a tubular shaped pipe that is used for transporting light to a location within a building while minimizing the loss of light. Just like you’d use wires to connect a lighting device such as a bulb to a switch, here the light pipe can be viewed as the wire.

It is ideal for areas where there are no source of natural or artificial lighting such as corridors, bathrooms or attics without windows. Sola Skylights is a company founded in 1997 that is dedicated to delivering innovation and quality to the building trade and skylight users. We offer the largest range of natural light providers in the whole of United Kingdom and Ireland. We also manufacture a range of solutions for refurbished and newly-built projects. We are known for building industry professionals for our innovative and flexible lighting solutions.

Sky Tunnel is one such example of our innovative natural lighting solution. We also provide Roof Windows and Flashings, Rooflights, Roofglazing and accessories for natural lighting solutions. Do not get confused with the names; Sky Tunnel is a type of light pipe but it is not a synonym for it. Our entire Sky Tunnel systems range is designed to have a zero impact on the environment; meaning none of our Sky Tunnel have carbon footprint during their product lifetime since they only reply on the sun’s natural daylight. Not only that but our Sky Tunnel products offers a healthier option as it reduces the power consumption which in turn reduces damage caused by power production. Also, sunlight is good for physical, emotional and mental well-being as well.

There are two types of light pipes – Flexi-tube and Rigid-tube. Both of these light pipes are available in sizes of 349mm, 457mm and 535mm diameter and can be fitted in pitched roof as well as flat roof. Now it is made with a reflective material however, the type of materials used for Flexi-tune and Rigid tube are different. While both feature mirror-finished rim, the Sky Tunnel Rigid Tube uses a hard wearing, mirror-finished polished aluminium tube with 98% reflectance and since laminated coating is not used during manufacturing, there’s no need to worry about it peeling off later.

If you opt for the Sky Tunnel Rigid Tube from Sola Skylights, we offer a 20 years lifetime performance guarantee. Our Sky Tunnel Rigid tube natural lighting solution utilizes Analod Miro Silver over Multi-layer Polymeric film because it can better transmit light between 0 and 45 degrees which is when usable light is really needed. To find about the type of Sky Tunnel system that your space requires, call us at 0845 672 8081 and get a specification advice and obligation free quote.

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